About Invitecast

Invitecast is an entirely new approach to an online invite service. Based on a powerful development platform with a publicly available API and a purpose-built open source software standard, Invitecast allows developers to create virtually any kind of online invite imaginable, yet allows end-users to easily customize existing templates for their own parties in a minute or two.

Invitecast's approach to online invites can be compared in many ways to how Wordpress approaches blog sites. Rather than creating a few built-in templates with a couple of pre-defined customizations, Invitecast believes that the best long-term approach is to tap into the world-wide community of web developers and allow them to create invite templates no single company could ever dream up themselves. Invitecast's role is to provide a high-scale platform to manage and distribute those invites.

Invitecast Technology

AccuParty: Invite and Track Accurately

AccuParty means accurately modeling the notion of an "invitee" to a party. Other platforms don't actually have this notion--they only have the notion of an email to which an invite is sent, which is not the same thing.

If you are inviting a young boy or girl to your child's birthday, you must send the invite to one or more parents of that child, and they respond for "themselves plus guests", which is not accurate since they actually weren't invited--their child or children were. This also creates a problem when two related invitees (say a married couple) are invited to the same party. Both can respond for both invitees (now there are "four" people going instead of two?) and the system doesn't know the couple are related at all.

The Invitecast platform allows the event organizer to invite exactly who is invited to the event, regardless of the email/responder to the invite. In other words, both parents can be informed of a child's invitation to a party, and both or either may respond for the whole group (or for whomever is invited, which may not include the parents).

The Invitecast paradigm means that, for the first time, event organizers can get a true picture of who is coming to their party without a pencil and paper or external spreadsheet to figure it out.

The Invitecast #hashtags functionality for invitees goes even further, allowing event organizers to know how many adults, kids, boys, girls, vegetarians--whatever--are coming to the event, how many are undecided, have yet to see the invite, and so on. Party organizers can view every possible combination of invitees and their status.

MetaTheme Templates: An Open-ended Templating Platform

Here's another challenge for an online invite service like Invitecast: how do you allow virtually any kind of web-based (or mobile-based) invite for power users and developers, yet make this accessible to average users?

The answer is MetaThemeJS, a purpose-built open-source software standard that allows invite templates to be created by developers and advanced hobbyists which contain the controls to allow end-users to customize their invite to make it their own.

To go even deeper, Template developers can use the Invitecast API directly to create custom functionality built right into the invite.

Invitecast is the only online intvite platform that gives users control of the entire web page and the entire email message sent. Every HTML tag. Every pixel. Invites sent using Invitecast are yours, not Invitecast's.

Limitless Communication Scheduling

Rather than a few pre-defined communications, the Invitecast platform allows you to choose from a limitless variety of times and groupings for your communications--and those communications can include mobile text messages as well as traditional email.

Examples of groupings include: "everybody invited", "all of the yesses and maybes", "everybody who hasn't seen the invite yet", "all invitees added since the last communication", and many more. You can send as many different communications as you need, and choose either a specific time, or more conveniently, a time related to your event time e.g. a week before, or a few hours before.

Finally, a Gift Registry That Works

The Invitecast Gift Registry allows you to add a gift registry to any invite. This means your invitees are automatically connected to your gift registry when they are invited to your event, and it's all part of the same system.

But the Invitecast gift registry isn't like the others: it's better. Way better. Unlike others, the Invitecast gift registry is not limited to a handful of stores like all of the others. (Why do our competitors limit their product this way? Money. This way they get a commission for every gift your invitees purchase for you).

The Invitecast gift registry informs your invitees of what you want (using a name, description, and links to websites as examples) and then asks them to reserve gift items. It's as simple as that. Your invitees are free to purchase their product in any way they choose, be it online or offline.

A High-Scale Messaging and Mobile Infrastructure

Because online and mobile messaging is part of our everyday lives, high-scale messaging--including photo sharing--is built right in to the Invitecast platform. Party guests can use the Invitecast app to take pictures at the party--creating a natural and convenient photo album for your event.

Built to Scale

From day one Invitecast was built to be an open-ended, high-scale, highly robust platform for online invites. It was based on the idea that the platform will continue to grow as our users find new ways to use it. The open architecture allows companies to use Invitecast to manage their invite-only events with customizations specific to their enterprise, or allows event organizers to build a stable of templates that are customized for the way they do business.

Legal and Social Approach

We challenge any of our competitors to match the Invitecast approach to our terms and conditions and our privacy policy. In short, we won't spam you, we won't try to sell you things, we won't sell (or otherwise give away) your information or that of your invitees. In any way. Ever.

Contact Information

Contacting Invitecast is easy, just send us an email and we'll be happy to help: Or if you prefer the old fashioned way, you can call as toll free at (844) 419-4304 (844-222).